Saturday, 13 February 2010

Alas, there's no second date.

Hello and welcome to my blog. It's always nice to see you.

Winter is reluctantly loosening its' grip on the Independent Republic of.. but Spring is making few inroads. I say few because down here we don't get clumps of snowdrops, swaying catkins and cheerful primroses signalling the change of season. The odd seagull may adopt a more jaunty step, but other than that the beach is just too laid back to get involved.

Last time I blogged I had a "date" with the fifth Doctor, Peter Davison. Although I'm more a David Tennant type of girl, I dreamt of a great new pairing, another Roger and Hammerstein, Eric and Ernie, Jedwood.

For our first date, I'd created the Hudogs; human/dog hybrids who ran as fast as Cheetahs, had voracious appetites and didn't distinguish between goodies and baddies. A Time Lord, to them, was just a slow-moving pork chop. They had been created by the Cytons, brilliant, amoral vegetarians who couldn't resist messing around with nature. The two species lived in harmony on Cyronitus, a planet with an atmosphere poisonous to all visitors. Then one day the Hudogs turned on their creators, signalling the start of the new Davison-Coward adventure.

Doctor Who theme tune and the credits roll....

WROOP! WROOP! The Doctor gets a distress call from Cyronitus and he's off. CRUMP! The Tardis slams onto the planet. Out steps the Doctor and BAM! he's in trouble, knocked out by the atmosphere. Not to worry, he's rescued and resuscitated by a villainous Cyton. He's duped into thinking the baddies are goodies. He susses he's been tricked; sprints outside. BAM! that atmosphere again. He's rescued and resuscitated and THWACK! defeats the villains. He rescues the goodies, escapes outside. DAMN! that atmos. A Hudog sees him CHOMP! CHOMP! CHOMP! CRIKES! ARRRGHHHH! WHOOSHY WHOOSHY WHOOSHY. Sorry Peter. Hello Colin.

Doctor Who theme tune and the credits roll

When I eventually regained my senses, I began to suspect that the producers may not view the Davison-Coward pairing as enthusiastically as me. Pluming for discretion rather than valour, I put my dream on hold and confined my story to the work-in-progress pile. SCRUNCH SCRUNCH SCRUNCH!

Talking of work in progress, last Thursday the Old Fort charity held their first public meeting to explain who they were and the nature of their interest in Shoreham Fort and the coastguard tower.

The trustees are mainly Shoreham residents and the charity's objectives are the preservation of the historical and architectural heritage of the site; the advancement of education in local history, geography, geology and marine life related to the area, and to promote the arts.

It's a relatively new but very active body and it's been in consultation with various "stakeholders" including Shoreham Port Authority, English Heritage, Friends of Shoreham Fort and Adur District Council. So far it's received funding for an options appraisal which is due to be completed in March.

It's still early days in a potentially important development on the beach and I'll be devoting a blog to the Old Fort charity once the appraisal has been completed. If you can't wait until then you should contact one of their trustees, Elizabeth Mienert on, 07813 801733, to find out more.

Next time we meet, I'll be giving Christian Aids' take on how they confront natural disasters and detail what they were actually doing in Haiti when I wrote my passionate and critical blog, "Haiti - day 3."

Until then, thanks for popping by and have a good week.

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  1. I am a little worried that you are 'having a date' with another man whilst I'm away! Especially as you seem to be choosy about which man to date! Oh well, once the Cat is away, eh?.....