Monday, 30 October 2017

Third autumn book talk on Blood and Bandages on Wednesday 1st November

     I'm almost half way through my autumn book talks, so I wanted to share what's happened so far.
     There was a good turnout at Shoreham Library on 10th November.

     William Earl, the 102-year-old star of Blood and Bandages was there. He was on fine form despite having recently returned from a five day wedding in Italy.

     The audience's questions were many and varied and it was touching to learn that more than one person had been moved to tears.
     Sadly, William was not well enough to join me at the second talk, a joint presentation with Shoreham author, Patrick Souiljaert on 14th October to raise funds for two local churches.

Our presentations were well received and we raised £132.00.
     As always, it was humbling to hear the stories recounted by the children of deceased World War Two veterans. Indeed, since Blood and Bandages came out, I have been contacted by those the book has touched and they always start by saying, "My Dad never spoke about his time in the war," before  recounting some treasured memories of when he did. Their regret at knowing so little is tangible and I'm touched that William's honest and detailed account of his war helps to fill some of those gaps.
     The 14th October talk was filmed by AECAST.COM. Here's the link to my presentation and Patrick's is here, (sound starts at 03.52 and vision at 04.11).
     The next talk is at The Museum of Military Medicine at 7.30pm on Wednesday 1st November.  Tickets can be obtained here and I will be signing books afterwards.
     The subject matter will be different from the earlier talks as I'll be telling the story of how Blood and Bandages was written. I've touched on this in earlier blogs, but the talk will be more expansive and will cover my personal struggle to get it done.
     Hope to see you on Wednesday.
     Ta-ra for now.

Friday, 6 October 2017

Shoreham book talks on Blood and Bandages - fighting for life in the RAMC Field Ambulance 1940 -1946.

     This is a seriously busy week. Besides Tom's home-schooling and sorting out what to take to Singapore, I will be preparing two brilliant talks on my book, Blood and Bandages - fighting for life in the RAMC Field Ambulance 1940 -1946.

These entertaining and informative talks will be about the book, its theme and how I approached it.

Along the way, I'll be offering advice to aspiring writers.

William with Miss Alli Godfrey and two of his great grand-children at Glebe Primary School after talking to years 5 and 6.

      William Earl, the vibrant 102-year-old World War Two veteran and star of Blood and Bandages, will be joining me for Q and As. He won't fail to move you with his thoughtful views of what it was like to serve his country.
     These family friendly talks provide a rare chance to meet one of a dying breed of exceptional men and I urge you to come.
     The first talk is on
Tuesday10th October 
Shoreham Library 
Pond Road
BN43 5ZA
     Tickets are £4 and can be purchased in advance from Shoreham Library or on the night.  
     The second talk is on
Saturday 14th October
St Peter's Church 
West Street 
BN43 5WG

     This one is slightly different because I'll be speaking alongside another Shoreham writer, Patrick Souiljaert author of Stairs of Breakfast. 

Patrick and I prior to interviewing him for the Beach News

     His talk on life with cerebral palsy and overcoming adversity will be fun and thought-provoking.
    Tickets are £5.00 (£3.00 concessions) and can be purchased here,after the 9.00am mass at St Peter's or on the night. Proceeds are going to St Peter's Church, the Church of the Good Shepherd and Adur East Lions. 
      I'll tell you more about this talk when I speak to Sylvie Blackmore on BBC Radio Surrey and Sussex at 1.15pm on Sunday 8th October .
     It would be wonderful to see you on 10th or the 14th October and don't be shy. Come and say hi.
     See you soon.