Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Here's what you missed.

Hello and welcome to my blog. It's lovely to see you again and sorry I've skipped a week. I've been busy writing everything except this!

Well isn't the weather fabulous? The beach is in bloom and the sea is calm. You must come down, but don't forget your beach shoes, otherwise it's the knock-kneed shingle shuffle for you.

In my last blog, I mentioned two highlights of the Adur Festival, Beach Dreams and Sussex Yacht Clubs' Open Day. Just in case you couldn't come, here's some of what you missed.

West Beach parade led by Hamish and the samba band with parents and children from Buckingham Park Primary, Buckingham School, St Mary's and St Nicolas's School and Peebles pre-school.

East Beach parade lead by Neptune and the Beach Bateria with parents and children from the Beach School.

One of the live bands which entertained us.

Captain Jack Sparrow, who entertained himself.

That was Beach Dreams.

Over the footbridge was Sussex Yacht Clubs' Open Day where the Lifeboats, the Fisheries Protection Vessel, Watchful, and Moonlight Saunter were open to visitors.
RNLI Sarah Emily Harrop, a 47 foot Tyne Class all weather lifeboat (ALB).

RNLI Barry Lazell, a 16 foot D Class inshore lifeboat (ILB) in front of Watchful.

It was a super day so thanks to the army of volunteers who made both events such a success.

Next week I'll change into a different gear and focus on the breath-taking risks taken by local teenagers as summer gets under way. In the meantime, have a wonderful weekend and see you next week.



  1. Hello Ms Liz. Just need to pick your brains as expert of all things Shoreham. My little writing group is coming to your lovely town in a week or so to have a celebratory meal at La Tosca. However, we want to arrive a couple of hours before that esteemed restaurant opens to do some work on our writing. Please can you recommend a nice pub or cafe near La Tosca that we might try out?

    Great work on the blog, btw!

    Beth X

  2. Good to hear from you. La Tosca's on the High Street so you're very central and have a few choices. The Crown and Anchor, a couple of doors down is a nice pub with great river views at the back. Back towards St Mary's on East Street is the Beach House which does food but also has a drinking area near the bar - banquette/ stylish type feel and just a few doors down is Teddies cafe which is homely but can get quite busy. I'd avoid the Ferry Inn at the top of East Street and the Marlipins can get a bit cramp.

    If you want to do some work, I'd got for the Crown and Anchor, it's got big tables.

    Hope you have a great time over our neck of the woods. We must meet up for a coffee ourselves one day.

  3. Well your recommendation of the Crown & Anchor was so splendid that we are considering making it our regular hang-out! We usually meet in a pub in Steyning but the staff are a bit unfriendly. Not so in the good old C&A. We had a great session and then a lovely meal at La Tosca. Shoreham rocks!

    Coffe soon would be lovely. How you fixed?