Monday, 19 March 2012

Crikey, I only meant to pop out for a sec!

I blame the National Archives myself, far too distracting. In fact, it came as quite a shock to realise that the beach was changing whilst I focused on 1100 research documents.

Firstly, the 1960s Coastguard Tower was demolished. This derelict blue and white tower was a local landmark and some would have been sad to see it go. However now you can really appreciate the size of the Old Fort itself. Moreover, as the Friends of Shoreham Fort expose more of its' structure, Shoreham Fort is starting to look imposing.

Secondly, our treasured uninterrupted sea views had come under threat from the Rampion Offshore Wind Farm proposal.The proposal is for a 167Km2 wind farm located 13 miles offshore and generating up to 700 megawatts of electricity.  The farm could have up to 195 offshore wind turbines making it clearly visible from Brighton, Worthing, Bognor Regis, Birling Gap and Devil's Dyke. I was shocked when I saw their photo montage.

The public consultation ends on 6th May 2012 so this is the time to make your views felt one way or the other.

Last time we met I mentioned the forthcoming meeting to discuss the impact of the replacement footbridge. That, ahem, was a while ago, but these were some of the main points:-

1. Construction work on the new bridge was already underway

2. Riverside car park will be closed whilst the new bridge is built as it will be used to house the contractor's plant and equipment

3. There will be some disruption to traffic near the Sussex Yacht Club but the A259 should remain open throughout the building work

4. Whilst the new bridge is being constructed, the existing footbridge will be closed from time to time for health and safely reasons. The closures will be advertised about 2-4 weeks in advance in the local media and at either end of the bridge

5. The new bridge should be open within 12 months from the start of the building work and thereafter the swing bridge will be opened monthly for maintenance

6. When it opens, the new bridge will be 2.5 metres wider than the current one and will be of mixed use. so pedestrians and cyclists will have to share the space. This will be reviewed after 12 months to see whether the arrangement is working.

7. So as to minimise light pollution, the bridge will be lit by lights within the handrails

6. In 2013 the existing bridge will be demolished.

Well,  it has been a real pleasure to return to my blog. Makes me feel like a writer again, not just a researcher.

Hope you have the time to enjoy this wonderful weather and see you next week.


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