Friday, 6 February 2015

Another public meeting about the Adur Ferry Bridge and Ferry Road Campaign

Hello and welcome to my blog. Campaigns are in the air at the moment. If it's not against the airport festival licence, it's in favour of completing the  Adur Ferry Bridge and Ferry Road Improvement Scheme and that's the subject of today's blog.
   Just to re-cap, the campaign has three strands, footwear on the fence, the petition and emails to West Sussex County Council planning department to encourage it to resolve all outstanding issues before the next CLC meeting.
      The footwear strand hasn't received universal support, but it is an effective visual tool to show West Sussex County Council that we want somewhere safe and scenic to walk. The petition is steaming ahead and there were over 1000 signatures at the last count. If you would like to add yours, there is an online version, a paper version at the following outlets;

And a team of us will be gathering signatures at the Farmer's Market on 14th February. 
     This campaign is lead and run by Adur residents so you are all invited to attend the next campaign meeting at which we will be reviewing the previous month's progress and how we can make a big splash before the CLC's next meeting.  

Residents of Adur and Worthing you are invited to attend the next campaign meeting on 

Wednesday 11th February
Tom Foolery High Street Shoreham.

I look forward to seeing you there.
Thanks for dropping by and see you soon. 

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