Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Cowspiracy - the inconvenient steak

Hello and welcome to my blog. This post has a short and simple message - WATCH COWSPIRACY.
     We watched it this afternoon and it left us buzzing with ideas about how we could change our diet to help reduce:-
  • global warming
  • water depletion
  • deforestation
  • species extinction and 
  • ocean dead zones.
     This chilling 90 minute documentary deals with the impact of animal farming on all of the above. It asks if this topic is too hot for big environmental groups to handle and what individuals can do to contribute to our planet's welfare. I won't tell you the surprising conclusion, but once watched, I challenge you not to be moved.
      If you were impressed by Cowspiracy, you might feel the same about Blackfish, another hard-hitting documentary about Tilikum, the bull Ocra who killed a trainer at Seaworld Florida in 2010.
    Thanks for dropping by and see you soon.

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