Friday, 14 May 2010

Congratulations all round.

Hello and welcome to my blog. It's lovely to see you again.

Well, what a momentous week! We finally got a government and, for the first time in over a 100 years, a cannon's been fired at Shoreham Fort.

In case you missed the full results for Worthing East and Shoreham, they were; T Loughton (C) 23,458; J Doyle (LD) 12,353; E Benn (Lab) 8,087; M Glennon (UKIP) 2,984; S Board (Green) 1,126; C Maltby (Eng Dem) 389. Turn out was 65.4% and T Loughton increased his majority from the 2005 election.

The local elections results for the Marine Ward were; Ben Stride (Ind) 1,299; Jennie Tindall (Green) 505; Peter Harvey (UKIP) 333; Nigel Sweet (Lab) 276. Turn-out was 70% and the Conservatives increased their majority on the Local Council.

I voted for Ben Stride because, as a beach resident, I thought he might want to support the tremendous work being done by the Friends of Shoreham Fort.

They were responsible for last Sundays' cannon firing, which was one of the high points of the Military History Day. The event raised over £400 for the Old Fort restoration fund and generated lots of local support. They're now hoping to secure a sponsor who can make the event a regular fixture in the Adur Festival.

If you couldn't make it last Sunday, here are some of the highlights;

the mid-day cannon fired by Fort Cumberland Guard.

the Paul Earley Military Drum Group.

the Royal Sussex Living History Group.

If you'd like to make a donation to the restoration fund or join the volunteers, please visit the Friends of Shoreham Fort website or contact Gary Baines on 07787 994815.

Next week, I'll be blogging on Charles 11 and the Royal Escape Race, one of the largest boat races on the South Coast.

See you then. Ta-ra.

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