Friday, 1 June 2012

Adur Festival on the beach.

Hello and welcome to my blog. It's nice to see you again and if you are new, come on in. There's plenty of room for everyone.

Before I get going, here's a brief update on the last two blogs.

Last week's sponsored scooter in aid of Worthing Breast Cancer Unit was a huge success. Around 80 children turned out on a glorious Sunday afternoon and scootered from Marine Parade to Worthing Pier and back. Mandy was delighted with the response and Billy has raised over £1,500 and still counting, so there's still time to sponsor him if you'd like.

Rampion's draft Environmental Impact statement is now anticipated in mid-June. It will be published on their main website and they'll be time to comment once it's up.

Well we're in the thick of festivals down here. Last Saturday Steyning Festival got under way just as the Brighton Festival was winding down; Crawley festival starts in 2 weeks, and our own Adur Festival starts today. Two of the highlights, Beach Dreams and the Military History weekend, are on the beach, so I'll proudly focus on them.

Beach Dreams used to be a weekend of local theatre, dance and music. Over the years it's grown into a week long festival but it still culminates in the children's parades down to Beach Green and the start of the music festival.

This year the Beach School parade will be headed by Queen O'Phart of the Red Kingdom of the East, and the Church of the Good Shepherd parade by King Keyboots of the Green Kingdom of the West. Both start at 11.30am and they'll take about 30 minutes to wiggle, samba, and mooch their way down to Beach Green where the 2 kingdoms will wage war upon each other.

They're great to watch, so pick your colours, grab a whistle and come along.

If you don't fancy that, or feel like a stroll, down at the Old Fort this year the Friends of Shoreham Fort have pulled out all the stops and extended their one day Military History Day to a whole weekend. Starting at 11am on 9th June and ending at 5.30pm the next day, they'll be rein-actments, displays, cannon firing, stalls, tours and music.

Here's a small flavour of last year's event.

What a great weekend we've got coming up.

This weekend belongs to the Queen so I wish you all a fantastic Jubilee celebration. Let's hope the weather holds out and if you're having a street party, I hope it's a great one.

Congratulations on your Diamond Jubilee Ma'am and ta-ra for now

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