Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Happy Christmas from sunny Florida

Hello and Happy Christmas from life on-shorehambeach.blogspot.com
     I'm still publishing messages from those I have featured in 2013, but this is the most personal because it comes from Tom, our 8-year-old son.
     Tom was featured in September when he responded on behalf of kids to an earlier blog about kids' addiction to screens. It turned out to be an own goal and in fact, I'm just going to interrupt his screen time so he can give his Christmas message.

"Happy Christmas to everybody, whether you celebrate Christmas or not."

Sorry it's not longer but I'm up against Moshi Monsters, so I'll add my own message from hot and breezy Miami where Tom and I are lucky enough to be joining my husband, Richard, who is working for Airbus. 
     I wish all my readers a very relaxing and refreshing Christmas and I hope it's full of joy and excitement. I hope you are able to look back on 2013 with fondness and if you can't, that bad memories will quickly be replaced with good in 2014.
     So it's with great affection for cold windy England, and some dangerously icy American states, that I sign off with a little present from the brilliant King's Singers. 

Thanks for dropping by and see you in 2014. 

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