Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Happy Birthday Tom.

Hello and welcome to my blog.

Boy have I missed you!  I've been working solidly on my book recently, so it's a joy to wave goodbye to World War Two and pop back to 2013.

I've returned just in time for Tom's 8th Birthday.

He's been counting down since 1st April, so I shouldn't have been surprised when he bounced into our bedroom at dawn this morning. I managed to explain that he wasn't born until 9.15pm and therefore could'nt have his presents yet, but speedily back-tracked when I realised that that would mean he'd be asleep when he became 8 and would wake up the day after his Birthday. That was too mean, even for half past ridiculous in the morning.

After a forceful "negotiation," we agreed on presents at breakfast. He went back to bed but I was so wide awake I came in to write this blog.

So Happy Birthday Tom, sleep well. And Happy Birthday to everyone whose Birthday is today.

Next week I'll be unveiling a different style of blog.  It's going to be bold, exciting, and a leap into the dark.

So have a great week and see you next Tuesday for the unveiling of the new look Life's a (Shoreham) beach.

Ta ra for now

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