Friday, 21 June 2013

The best laid plans......

Hello, and welcome to my post.

I'm sorry it's late and Vlogless, but this week I've had to throw in the towel and go with the flow. I'm not complaining though because it's been fabulous.

It kicked off to a good start with the culmination of the Passion for Shoreham at Shoreham Fort. The weather was perfect, and the event was relaxed and well supported. In fact, all three days were well attended and it was a treat to see neighbours revealing their acting talents. I take my hat off to all those involved in planning the performances, which really brought the community together.

In case you couldn't get there, here is a snap shot of the final day.

The Last Supper.

The Crucifixion

Jesus was serenely played by Paul Muzzall of Sompting Community Church. Helen Morris poured her heart and soul into the role of Mary Magdalene, and Edgar Powell, playing Bartholomew, gamely continued after a nasty fall.

After three weeks of entertainment, the Adur Festival has drawn to a close and it's time for us to find our own fun as the volunteers from Friends of Shoreham Fort, Beach Dreams and Churches together in Shoreham step down.

Next week will, hopefully, go according to plan, so I'll be back with comments on the EON public consultation that wasn't, What makes us Human? and my book.

Thanks for popping by. Have a great week and see you next Friday.

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